Claire Knows Best

It has been a while since I read the book Leave It to Claire. I needed some light reading and because I enjoyed the first one so much, I picked up book 2 and 3 at a used store online. Time has been pretty short lately and by the time I'm going to bed and ready to read, I really need something light to read and enjoy. A couple of weeks ago a friend recommended Things My Girlfriend and I have Argued About. I know I finished the second chapter but I don't think I ever finished the third chapter. I'm returning it to the library tomorrow. Perhaps another time but it didn't appeal to me right now. I also bought Twilight because so many people have highly recommended it. I must admit I bought it with reservation because I'm just not into vampires. I will read it, but I haven't even tried to yet. I will probably read Anna Karenina and 19 Minutes before I get to Twilight.

On to yet another easy read, Claire Knows Best. I really enjoyed this one, perhaps more than the first. The first book I liked because of her parenting, quick wit and very real responses. This book reminded me how much people are put in our path for a reason. Sometimes we get to have them for a while and sometimes it is quick and it is up to us to learn and grow from the experiences we have with them. In the book Claire saves a man's life by giving CPR, her relationship with her ex-husband, while not healed, is in the beginning stages of forgiveness and moving on. She is acquainted with a neighbor and server at a restaurant that happen to be and estranged father and daughter. The daughter is able to see her father slightly differently and give a little opening for a relationship to begin. There is even something to the relationship that she has with the ornery neighbor that ends up giving acting lessons to her son (and is the father of the previously mentioned server).

Like every parent, she faces the challenges of giving her kids a little more freedom and being scared at the possibilities and reigning them in when they make poor choices. I like that when her daughter Ari made the choice to go out with with her friend and some college boys for pizza and another time to a party that there were consequences. The fabulous part in this story is that while she was a typical teenager, annoyed with her parent and the consequences she had for her actions, she ended up learning something, taking it to heart and making a difference for so many others.

It was interesting to see the healing she had with her ex-husband and his wife Darcy. Her own relationship with Greg was nicely done too, with the struggles of potentially being a pastor's wife. You could identify with the feelings and frustrations. It is so easy to feel like you know Claire because she is so real, saying and thinking what we all do. I think that is what is so appealing to me about these books is that it is real, not all the fluff and hot and heavy romance that other books put on relationships. The main characters in this book all have something they need to work on but they are all working to be better than are.

I can't say you walk away with anything that you would want to apply to your life. It is simply a fun book, easy to get involved with, and when it is over you are content and feeling good about the read. I'm glad my friend introduced me to these books. They aren't my usual read but I'm truly enjoying them.

I know this is kind of jumbled but I have so many thoughts and I'm trying to get them down and I think it may have led to a lot of jumping around.


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