I Love Claire

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I found the book entertaining because there were parts where I could identify with due to I was as a teenager and what I must have put my mother through. The not-so-funny part is I'm in the beginning stages of some of these antics with our own kids.

There were so many parts to appreciate about Claire as she continued to evolve. The worries of being a pastor's wife, wanting a wedding gown way out of her price range and becoming a dog walker to pay for, serving others through her dog walking business and eventually the assisted living facility she worked at. The ways in which we are quick to judge without having the whole picture. Wanting to be that great parent and struggling to know how to handle situations.

The situations that are presented in this book are so realistic and it is easy to get wrapped up in the story and appreciate how things are handled and on occasion, consider what you would have done in that particular situation.

The three books were really an enjoyable read and I'm glad that I was introduced to this author.


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