I've been married to my husband for almost 14 years. We have lived in 5 states and 8 houses. We are slated to move this summer.

With the exception of one assignment, I've tried to get rooted in each area we've lived. Within the first 6 mos., I start to think I'm ready to move. It has been nice for the last two assignment to be longer with the kids getting older, their friends/activities/school rather than to uproot them every couple of years. I digress . . .

With the upcoming move in mind, I note that I'm starting to think, "I can't commit to this because we're leaving soon." The countdown has begun for me. I don't want to make new friends because I'm leaving soon. I don't want to start a new activity because I'm leaving soon. I don't want to commit at school (other than what I do) because I'm leaving soon. I don't want to buy new furniture because I'm leaving soon.

Soon is a relative term in a military family.

Due to the one assignment where I didn't plant myself because we would be there for a short time, I've come to build relationships and root myself in the community. We take time to know the area and all that it offers. The 15 mos. I didn't do this was a lonely, drifting time and I can't have that.

I find that although I seem to be in the mode of 'checking out' for our current area, I need to go back and commit myself to stop thinking of temporary and remember that this is home right now and I need to be doing all I can to keep it that way until the time comes that we do leave and start over again with a new "home".

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