New Stuff Swap

The SUStars group had a swap last month with the focus being on using new stamps and new colors. My swap came back yesterday. I was so busy yesterday that one of the girls ended up bringing in the mail after dinner. I was still working when she did and didn't take the time to see what came. Just before bed, I checked my e-mail and read that someone received their swap. I went to the table in the entry and there it was.

Swaps are like Christmas for me, you go to the mail box anticipating that today may be the day that you receive it, giddy when it is there. I usually tear into it walking toward the bus stop to meet my girls. I look through them quickly, oohing and aahing at some. I talk with the twins about their day at school and then I look through the swap again before the other kids come home and dinner is started. Love it.

Martha Lucia Gomez
Barbara Furlong
Sue-Lynn Bock
Joann Williams
Lauren Winemiller
Tracy Meece
Mindy Gray
Danielle Bodden
Shari Dudek

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