Trying to Stamp Around Life

Here's hoping that there is time tomorrow night to stamp. It has been so crazy busy with family, school concerts, company, a recognition night at church, scouts and normal life. I was just lamenting to my husband that I haven't stamped in days and I planned to tonight and it didn't happen. He said I'll make a blog entry for you. I asked what he would say - thus the title.

My son earned the Life rank a month ago and is focused on Eagle now. We went to an Eagle workshop yesterday. While there, I learned that I, as the advancement chair for his troop, should have written some letters requesting commendation letters/certificates for a recent Eagle. I had no idea. I spent some time tonight writing 6 letters to various individuals that I thought he would appreciate acknowledgement from. The court of honor hasn't been scheduled yet. His parents wanted it with the regular troop court of honor. I had the Committee Chair check again on that because it is a big deal and should be recognized as such.

My mom comes into town tomorrow and will be here for a week. Kind of neat that she will be here for the twins birthday. I don't think she has ever been around for any of the kids' birthdays. Military life does that.

I hope everyone has a great week. It is going to be another busy one with the usual things, a sleepover birthday party and then some. I know I'll be making time for stamping because there is a blog hop next Saturday.
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