Head Lice!!!

I never had head lice, never expected to have to deal with head lice. Always knew it was a possibility that one of the kids would get it through school or friends. This week Ben was at scout camp. Another boy from another troop came to camp, knowingly, with head lice. Through rock climbing and horseback riding, he managed to spread it to other boys. While Ben didn't participate in either of these activities, somehow, he came in contact with someone that did. I received an e-mail Friday announcing that 7 of the boys from our troop had lice. I was e-mailed later that Ben was indeed one of the lucky 7.

Fast forward to Sunday. I told my husband to take him for a haircut. No one would cut his care. I was surprised because I know of places here that will. I didn't let either of them in the house Sunday night until I checked there head. Well in Ben's case, I didn't need to check it. I cut his hair by the light of the patio, it was almost 10 p.m. I went through his hair and got about 10 eggs.

This morning I washed his hair, did a vinegar rinse, had him sit with a towel that was soaked in half vinegar, half water. He sat with his head wrapped for an hour. After his hair dried, I combed it and pulled out another 14 eggs. I think I'm going to do the vinegar treatment every day. He washed with the medicated shampoo at camp on Friday. I will have him do that again this coming Friday. Yucky stuff.

In the humor of it all, I just had to inform him that the lice had sex on his head. Not a nice thought for him.


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