Where did the week go?

I had these grand visions of getting a lot of cleaning, stamping, cleaning, cooking, stamping and did I mention cleaning done this week while my husband and son were as Scout camp. I did get some things done that I wanted to, some things I started and never finished. There are things I never even attempted. I didn't cook at all. Dinner was very basic every night, although the girls did not complain about having to try something new. It was a relaxing week. I had to deal with some issues as the president of an organization. I read a bit. I did some research for a class I'm teaching in August. The girls and I went to dinner one night, we had a party another night, we even went bowling this week. I spent some time dabbling with digital scrapbooking again. I still prefer the traditional method. I even updated our family site.

It is Saturday. I'm working on laundry so I will be ready when they return tomorrow to tackle all of their gear. I will have to tackle some things that I wanted to do and didn't. I will have to finish some things I started. I will cook tomorrow. I will clean today.

I know I will never get to all that was on my list for the week. I will get the important things done. There is always next week, with a new to do list.


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