The Quilt

About a month ago, I told some ladies at a church we visit when traveling that I would make a baby quilt for their collection. I intended to do this while the boys were at scout camp. I never bought the fabric and I wanted to take my time at the store looking at patterns, so it wouldn't work with the girls with me.

I finally bought the fabric two weeks ago. I started sewing it Monday. A dancing squares quilt. I boogered up. The sides ended up with green, the top and bottom had yellow. I cut it off so it would all be green. What to do now? I needed to come up with an extra 6". I ended up making mini dancing squares. The whole thing was quite a headache for a couple of days.

I finished it last night. I like the cheerfulness of the quilt. I don't like the pink strip. It seemed off with the purple, which made the pink out of place. All I can say is a lot of care went into it. I was challenged by having to stay within a certain measurement.


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