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My commitments seem to be eating up all my time lately. I would like to believe things will slow down but deadlines are hitting all the time and the end right now is May 11th. I need to make time at night to stamp again. Perhaps tomorrow night.
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Our church held the annual pinewood derby Friday night. After a lot of talk, the kids ended up making a carrot w/ a rabbit on top, a bunny (not bugs bunny), iCar and Wii remote. They turned out pretty well. This is the 7th year for our oldest. He has been able to do his own car for 4 years now. The girls still need a lot of help, of course, the twins require the most help. They basically do their own sanding and painting. Depending on what is being cut, they are allowed to use the saw.

The carrot car was originally going to be a turtle and if we couldn't pull it off, it was going to be a s'more. In the end, she opted for something she knew she could do.

Another example of my "checking out" because I've been telling the kids this would be their last year doing this. We haven't lived in another area that opened up the derby to every one. I think we will miss it but it is fun to look at all the cars. In the past 7 years we've made 21 cars.

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