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I bought a kit called Close to My Heart which was put together to benefit those affected by the bushfires in Australia. It is a great kit with bold, happy colors and who doesn't love this shade of blue with red - kind of a retro feel color wise. Although I think this picture would be better suited to a page where she could be some sort of super hero, I don't have such a kit so we went for bold.

This picture was taken Saturday during a water fight with her Grandpa. It has been tradition ever since they were little that when they see Grandpa there is a water fight. In the winter the water fights still happen, just in the house and with the rule that they don't hit certain pieces of furniture. It is easier here to have them outside no matter what time of year, but it was another story in Virginia.

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  1. I could see S with a beach scene layout on this picture. Funny about the superhero though.


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