April Fool's

I wish I could have been home for the second round of today's joke.

Before I took our son to school we put Jello on my husband's towel. It kind of made a powdery mess on the counter so we spritzed it with water and added more on both sides. A mistake. You shouldn't wet the towel because the Jello becomes vibrant and much more visible.

Imagine my surprise when I came home from dropping him off to see DH standing at the sink shaving with the towel wrapped around his waist. I could see the Jello and wondered why he wasn't noticing it. I suppressed my giggles and got a pair of socks. After he was done and had a wet hand, he went to wipe it on the towel. He told me our son must have taken his towel through dirt for April Fool's day but he should be happy because at least he hung it up.

I was cracking up. I fessed up that it was Jello. He was a little arrogant and stated that wasn't really gotten because he hadn't even showered yet and he noticed the grit before he used it. I couldn't resist. When he was in the shower I got his clean towel that he had gotten out and sprinkled Jello on it again and left with the girls for school.

I talked with him later this morning and he said he was mad for a minute but then he laughed about it. He wants to know if it is safe to come home after midnight or should he just wait for morning.

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