Parisian Breeze

Jami showed me a picture of a bracelet made with mini spools and paper. It looked really cute. My first thought was the girls at church could make it for their mom for Mother's Day. I knew I would need to paint the spools ahead of time for them. I spent over an hour and a half painting the spools (2 coats) and knew I would have to spray paint them since I would need around 300 of them.

I cut the strips of Parisian Breeze paper 3/8" x 1-3/4" and used Mod Podge to adhere them to the spool. My fingers got really gunked up, but I like that. It took me back to elementary school when you would put Elmer's glue on your fingers just to peel it off. I used black elastic cord to put it together. I had intended to seal it but I wanted to finish it before I went to bed. I got a lot of comments on it today.

The picture Jami showed me used 21 spools. I used 20. I really think you could do with 19, perhaps even 18 spools for the bracelet.

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  1. so cute! I love it.. and I miss you!! Please come back.


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