Have you read any good books lately? I'm reading The Good Earth and should finish it tonight. I hope the main character rethinks something he has done and goes back to the down-to-earth person he was instead of being so prideful. His values have changed and it is sad for him, his family, and others that are affected by his choices. I'm appreciating how swiftly this book moves along and yet, the point is made.

I'm on a bookmark kick again. I'm making some for friends and for the girls at church for one of our meetings when we have a book review. I'm looking forward to hearing their top picks and a little of their book of choice.

One of my daughters needs to have several gifts this week that total $5 or are free. I was thinking a couple of bookmarks would be good, along with a notebook that is jazzed up. She is thinking lip gloss or something similar too. We are going shopping tomorrow to see what we can find.

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