Will today be the day?

Since we've been back from our trip, it has been super busy. By the time I have some free time, I just want to sit and read a book or e-mail. It isn't that the days are exhausting in any way, we just aren't around. I just realized last night I'm putting on a shindig next week that I thought was still a few weeks out. On the bright side, I was happy this morning when I realized a dinner I thought I was hosting this weekend is still one week away. Nice! Dinners are easy enough to do but I'm expecting several hours on Saturday will be spent at the high school for registration.

We saw Ramona & Beezus yesterday. It was a good movie. I was expecting it to take after the book but it didn't because they are about 5 years older. It did have at least one part from "Ramona Quimby - Age 8". My girls want to own it - not that they will watch it all the time but they will throw it in the mix. They watch one DVD every weekend.

I have to, have to, have to make it into my stamp room today. Lots of birthdays coming up (and those I'm late on).

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