Grandma's Treasure Bag

When we were stationed in Virginia, I learned how to make these bags. They are really easy to make and a lot of fun. I made one and then on of my daughters had sewing 101 helping me with the other two bags a couple of days before we left on our trip. We took one of them to Massachusetts to give to my cousin's kids. Their kids (7 & 5) really liked it.

These bags are super easy to make. They get a little spendy with all of the things you put inside and the beads but they last so long. When I first made one, my kids would sit and try and find things, their friends liked it when they came over and were waiting. It went in the car with us and even to some dr. appointments.

You need:
2 - 7-1/2 to 9" squares of sturdy fabric
heavy clear shower liner
poly-fil micro beads (linked so you'd know)
As many things as you want to fill it with.
Printout of what went in
Laminating paper or clear contact paper

The size of the bag is up to you. I made 8" bags. From one of the squares, cut out a circle in the center. Cut a circle of the heavy shower liner about 1/2" to 3/4" larger than the circle cut from the square. (The shower liner hangs from the rolls with the other fabric used for home decorating.) Zigzag stitch the clear circle to the fabric going around the circle twice.

Put the wrong sides of fabric together and stitch 3/4" around 3 sides. On one side, leave an opening for the beads and trinkets to go in. I find it easier at this point to stitch the 1/2" around the square now rather than when it is filled, leaving the opening.

Fill 2/3 full with the beads and add what you want to add. As you are adding the items, be sure to write them down as you go so you will have a complete list when you type it up.

Sew the bag closed at 3/4" and 1/2". Attach ribbon to corner going over several times using the reverse stitch as necessary. Attach laminated list to ribbon by punching a hole in it and knotting the ribbon.

When buying the little things to find, I used some things found around the house, buttons, flag from confetti bags, baby shower and wedding things, mini doll house items.

Some ideas: penny, paper clip, safety pin (use pliers to pinch the end closed so it won't open), star, heart, button, flag, turtle, frog, bee, ladybug, balloon, mini silk rose, wooden bead, rose, dragonfly, magnetic letter, mini wooden letter block, mini car, googly eye, glass candy, marble, etc.
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