Get Well, Sympathy, Thinking of You Swap

My husband has been TDY for a couple of weeks. He came home for about 12 hours and is gone again. The good thing about when he comes back, he is willing to run errands with me because he wants to be with me. Last night was no exception. He went with me to Michael's to buy mirrors, Target so I could pick up water balloons for a day camp next week (and so our daughter could use her gift card), and we went to Walmart & Home Depot looking for a glass cutter so I could cut the mirrors I bought. How many husbands are willing to go to Michael's? Yep, he missed me.Smiley from

I printed a couple of swap requirements from my e-mail on his computer this morning and nearly freaked. I didn't pay attention to the month but I saw the date as the 28th. Oh Mylanta! These swaps are supposed to be in the hostess's hands on the 30th. I was thinking I'd have to overnight them. I couldn't figure out how so much time had passed so quickly. I was thinking what Sunday's date was and figured out that his computer was off. I'm trying to finish them off for tomorrow's mail. One still has me stumped but I will figure it out. It may be a late night. Did I mention there is a blog hop Saturday? My focus lately hasn't been stamping. I spent several weeks working on compiling a book of digi pages to be printed for a gift. Now my focus is swaps, blog hop, day camp. I still have a lot to do for the day camp but I'm looking forward to it.

These are the cards from the swap.

Barb Furlong

Brenda Hugar

Holly Podkowa

Kim Abbott

Kris Sobolik

Loni Holt

Patricia Gessner

Sue-Lynn Bock

Tami Black

Tina Taves

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  1. OMG, am I first. Well I love all the cards. Thanks for sharing all your lovely artwork.

  2. You are very talented. I'm not sure if John even knows what a Michael's is.. but we did get to see Rad for a while last Sunday! Good times! Too bad the rest of you weren't with him!!


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