Sea Life & Donut Birthday

My niece has a birthday soon and she LOVES dolphins. Her room is decorated with dolphins. I made this card using a set that I'm guessing was retired 10 years ago called Sea Life. I hung onto it when it retired because it has an image of a shark and my son loved sharks. I continued to hold onto it because my daughter loves animals and it has two images of things she collects penguins and turtles. She also collects sheep but that is another story. I've used this set to scrap pages from Sea World and trips to different zoos. There was a time 6 years ago when we were moving across the country and between a vacation and the move, we went to 5 zoos in 2 weeks. Sea Life has 8 images: an orca whale, shark, walrus, seals, seagulls, turtles, penguins and the dolphin above.

I'm off to the post office to mail some swaps. I went yesterday but they had already closed. I thought I would have an hour to spend in line after my son's dental appt. The dentist was busy with someone else and they didn't want him to go after the cleaning without the exam because he is getting braces. We have 2 getting braces and 2 getting some expansion.

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