Kali River Rapids

We used the last of our 4-day pass on Saturday and went to Magic Kingdom. Of the 4 theme parks, Epcot came in tops for most in our family. My husband chuckles that I like Epcot the best because after we went, I wasn't too enthused about the place. However, both Epcot and Hollywood Studios have quite a few street shows that I would like stop and watch and my family just keeps on to where they going and miss out on some entertainment. After going to Animal Kingdom, I had read in my journal from when we went 6 years ago and laughed that I still had the same impression - "a glorified zoo". My favorite ride was the Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom. The park with the most rides was Magic Kingdom. It was pretty warm on Saturday and I have to admit that I'm glad to be done before it is too hot & humid here.

I have 5 swaps going right now and I'm working on a couple of challenges too. I've been seeing some cool looking picnic baskets and I want to try to make one. Hopefully today but that depends on if I finish up one of the swaps. I'm debating whether or not to make some rag totes too. I have so much fabric that would be great for a project like that. What to do . . . what to do.

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