Mother's Day

This isn't all of the cards, but a lot of what went into the tin for my Mother-in-Law. There were 20 cards altogether. I still need to make some sympathy cards for her. It came down to making them and having it arrive late or get her package in the mail and mail the other cards later.

Have I ever mentioned here that our post office is crazy busy here? Every time I go, it doesn't seem to matter what time of day, the line is to the door. The line was out the door at Christmas. You can count on a trip to the post office taking 45 minutes. When I mailed some boxes Tuesday, I found it to be the same, although I expected there to be a longer line thinking others would be mailing off Mother's Day packages too. Even though the wait is long, I usually end up talking with several people while waiting. I'm not usually that way, but I think I do this because it passes the time a lot faster. While I dread the line, I'm always entertained there.I love this paper and have been hoarding a lot of DP but the time has come to use it. I've found it interesting to look through the paper. Sometimes I can think of a set or two that goes with the paper and other times - I draw a blank. The has changed over the years. Some is still very usable and others will be used somehow but aren't current in style.

I hope everyone has a great Mother's Day and can celebrate their Mom.

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