Friends Never Fade

Isn't that the truth? Time doesn't always permit talking with them, distance gets in the way of getting together, but they are always there and things pick up right where they left off. I'm definitely blessed with the friends I have.

I'm participating in a swap where you the primary color needs to be a new color, and you need to use a new stamp set. I'm pretty jazzed with how this card turned out. I didn't have any Pear Pizzazz ribbon so I colored the white taffeta ribbon with the pear marker.

Stamps: Friends Never Fade
CS: Pear Pizzazz, Real Red, WW, Greenhouse Gala DP
Ink: Pear Pizzazz
Markers: Pear Pizzazz, Pumpkin Pie, Real Red
Misc.: X-Lg Scallop Punch, 2-1/2" Circle punch (mini catalog), rhinestones, white taffeta

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