I'm not square . . .

I'm loving 4-day weeks. The kids had yesterday off and it was a nice day. We didn't do anything grand. The kids cleaned their rooms, I did some laundry and we had company for dinner. I tried out a new recipe for chicken tacos. I can't say I enjoyed it but I have enough left over meat and rice that I'm going to use it for enchiladas.

I've had this card base sitting on my desk since last week when I totally boogered up the coloring on the hydrangea and made something else. I thought I would give it another go today. I managed to color the hydrangea, mounted it on the top note die and had one of those smack your head moments. This is a square card and the way I did the hydrangea, it wouldn't fit on the card. I pulled out the trusty Greeting Card Kids set that is ideal for square cards. I think I will stick with the traditional sized cards for a while, I'm not a square card kind of gal.

I tried coloring the pearl jewels with the SU marker but the color didn't stay to well. I used the purple and olive Sharpie to color them. The color is a little off, although in the picture it seems very off.

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